After 10 years, the ‘Star-Spangled Man’ is still my favorite

Credit: Paramount Pictures, Marvel Entertainment and Marvel Studios

When the “Star-Spangled Man” was first making his way to the big screen, I was super excited — a Marvel historical piece? Yes, please!

But my prior experiences with Chris Evans were limited to The Perfect Score (2004) and The Fantastic Four (2005).

Now, as much as I enjoy his…

On-screen chemistry, quick-witted banter make this movie great.

Credit: Metro Goldwyn Mayer

While the debate still rages as to whether or not Die Hard (1988) is a holiday movie, The Thin Man (1934) — despite also being set at Christmas — definitely is not a holiday movie.

William Powell and Myrna Loy co-star as Nick and Nora Charles, a retired detective and…

While this action/horror film won’t win any awards; if you suspend belief you’re in for a thrilling ride.

Credit: Redbox Entertainment and Vertical Entertainment

Last year was not a great year for anybody — as we all know.

One way that stress really affected me was my concentration. Reading and movies were pretty much out of the picture because I couldn’t focus for more than a 30-minute episode.

This means my husband and I…

This classic feels like the precursor to My Big Fat Greek Wedding, a tale of love and its effects on a close-knit family.

Cher covers her face while Nicholas Cage looks on in this still from Moonstruck.
Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that there are more movies to watch than one can ever manage in a lifetime.

Whether all of those movies deserve to be watched is a matter of some debate, though.

Considering the near impossibility of watching everything ever released, one might be forgiven for…

KD Lawson

Midwest writer. Lifelong Cinephile. Lapsed journalist. Amateur history buff.

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